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Reg. Office 58, Nehru Nagar, Behind
Kesri Chand Choudhary
Nagar, Ajmer Road,
Jaipur-303011 Raj. (India)
Mailing Add Bethany Indian Development Society,
Secretary Mr. Surender Patrick,
House No 41, Janta Nagar,
Behind Choudhary Public School,
Rakri, Sodala, Jaipur-302006 Raj. (India)
Mobile 09829523256, 
Fax 91-141-2250329


  • To address the constraints on the realization of children's rights, to build up and sustain a constituency of support for children's rights, including children & women themselves.
  • To create effective accountability among those with found obligations for the protection of children & women's rights.
  • With the child & women rights programming frame work, all activities are seen as contributions to achieving the overall goal, whether practical action, research, advocacy or any other initiative at different levels, local, national and international.
  • A personnel commitment for the spiritual guidance, prayerful life, knowledge of the word, meditation, reconciliation and restoration of life with daily devotion for the betterment of the society.
  • Providing to the needy/unfortunate children their Constitutional right of education who otherwise would have not attended in the school.
  • To help in healthy living by the charge in their earnings by cultivating saving habits(prostitute in special)as rehabilitating them?
  • Our aims are to removes social evils of the society and to contribute in upbringing of the underprivileged people through our development programmes.
  • To work in the field of Community Health, Aids Cancer, T.B., Leprosy & General Diseases, In Education - Formal and Non Formal and Rehabilitation.
  • To undertake useful work for women, children and the aged and to provide shelter, food or manage a home/Orphanage centers.
  • To contribute in the field of community research programme.
  • To give training and consultation service in developmental work.
  • To develop and support forestation, drinking water, sanitation, earth quake and famine relief work.
  • To Organize and promote development in downtrodden people in remote rural area and urban slums.
  • To support and develop, wells, ponds, embankments, school, hospital, drug de-addiction, population control, saved unborn children and against child labour.
  • To render services to women, children, downtrodden people and minority group for their moral, social and legal rights.


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